Water Management Rebate Program

Water Management Rebate Program*

Smart Leak Detectors

Smart leak detectors are devices that can prevent or mitigate water damage in your multifamily property units. As units come online during TCO or FFE, it’s the perfect time to deploy leak detection.

Notable Mentions

VinVu’s sensor partners have had the following success:

  • Zero insurance claims post-deployment
  • Avg. ROI within under 6 months
  • Avg Year 1 saving of $75,000
  • Deployed 15,000 sensors in 7,000 units since Feb 2021
  • 312 major leaks detected
  • Multiple patents granted
  • +10 year battery
  • Ultrasonic sensor (0.44 gpm)
  • Exceeds AWWA accuracy standards for utility billing
  • Real-Time alerts
  • LoRaWAN network – Long Range + Low Power

The Program:

VinVu’s rebate program is valid for up to 50% OFF the purchase price of smart leak detectors for toilets, sinks, and hot water heaters.

*Installation, monitoring, and gateway not included in the rebate.  


How to Apply

To obtain the VinVu Water Management Rebate, fill out the information below. You may apply for one program per property. You must agree to the terms and conditions of the program to qualify for the program.

VinVu Water Management Rebate Program Terms & Conditions 

  • VinVu provides only one rebate per building for each rebate program.
  • Customers may apply more than once for the rebate program provided the building address is different.
  • The person redeeming the smart leak detector rebate must be the property owner of the property address.
  • If the property is a mixed-use building and the non-residential tenants would like to apply for the rebate, the building owner must specify this in a referral email to swt@vinvu.net. This will allow the tenants to apply for an additional rebate for the same building.
  • The use of multiple addresses to obtain additional rebates will not be accepted and the owner’s business will be removed from all future programs.
  • Customer has 30 days from the submission of the invoice to decide on the products proposed to keep the rebate valid.
  • Customer has 30 days from the purchase of sensors to submit the rebate. The printed date listed at the top of the rebate will indicate timeframe. Failure to submit the rebate to VinVu within the 30 days will void the rebate.
  • As a condition of the rebate, customer agrees to submit plans and drawings of the proposed building and answer any questions from the sensor company supplying the water sensors in a timely manner. This is needed participation is in order to supply a final quote to the customer.
  • The rebates are redeemable only for the one-time sensor device specified by VinVu.
  • The rebate value is noted on each rebate and is not negotiable.
  • Rebates are non-assignable. In the event the customer passes this rebate to another person, the rebate will be void for the current customer assigned to the rebate we well as the person to whom the rebate was transferred.
  • VinVu does not permit the unauthorized distribution, collection, sale or assignment of its rebates for any reason.
  • The customer is required to pay all line items in the proposed invoice.