Vin Who?

Who is Vin and Who is Vu?

Overall is doesn’t matter who you think could be the Vin and who could be the Vu in VinVu. What matters is that you will experience a model never done before in marketing or technology.

With a combined 20 years of experience, former marketing CEO Stephanie Turzanski and former technology CEO Ed Terry founded VinVu, a revolutionary cost savings firm that is dedicated to repurposing technology commission dollars back to the client to fuel and drive growth.

Who is VinVu?

As C-level thinkers, VinVu fulfills the needs of all C-level executives by decreasing spend for the CFO, strengthens brand image for the CMO, maximizes time and efficiency for the CIO, and drives growth for the CEO.

The goal is to reduce clients’ technology spend, enhance the systems and processes in place currently and repurpose a percentage of technology commissions to fuel growth for the client’s business. This fuel can be used to enhance marketing strategies, implement new technology, or be used as a donation to the client’s charity of choice.

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