Vin How?

Did you know that in the world of telecom someone is collecting close to 15-25% commissions on your telecom commodity?

Not many business owners, or CIOs, know that even if they go “Direct” to a provider to procure technology, someone could be paid anywhere from 15-25% commissions on your telecom for doing NOTHING!

Bob The Agent

Meet Bob, he is an Agent with XYZ Company who is a broker. Bob talked to ABC Company’s CIO, Phil, at one time about 3 years ago. After Bob talked to Phil, he registered himself as the Agent of Record to the provider, unbeknownst to Phil.

Phil has a new location that needs the provider and goes direct because he knows how the process works. What Phil does not know is through that order Bob is being paid a commission.

Bob has done absolutely NOTHING to earn that commission. He has not consulted with Phil on things he needs to help better his tech infrastructure, yet Bob is being paid evergreen on this account.

Do you think Bob should be paid?

So let’s back up...

Let’s answer some questions you may have after reading that story about Bob and Phil.

Telecom is anything such as your phone systems, Internet, mobile phones, cloud services, and co-location services, just to name a few.

Agent of record is similar to your insurance agent. He/she should ensure that you are getting everything you need for your telecom. Unfortunately in the work of telecom YOU do NOT get to pick your agent most of the time. Almost every carrier has an agent channels. There is ZERO regulation in telecom and most paid agents are paid for a lifetime. So as your business is growing Bob’s bank account is too.

On average, for every $1,000 in telecom spend, an “Agent” gets close to $160. So if your telecom spend is over that $1,000 Bob has a great vacation home.

Where Does VinVu Come In?

At VinVu, we disclose ALL of our commission dollars we could get from a client’s telecom spend. You know EVERYTHING!

From spiffs to monthly commission dollars, our clients know what comes home with us. Because we care about our clients, we want to give them the fuel they need to grow their business.

With VinVu Fuel, our clients will get a portion of OUR commission dollars back. These dollars can be put towards initiatives such as marketing programs run by VinVu’s marketing team or telecom enhancement provided by VinVu’s tech team. We will even give our fuel to a charity of the company’s choice. If they care, so do we.

At VinVu, we become apart of your company right down to knowing where dollars are being spent.

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