Thermal Access Control

Thermal Access Control

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With the changing world, entries into buildings are becoming more thorough.

VinVu has partnered with companies that have turnkey hardware and software solutions for effortless guest and employee check temperature checks.

With this information, clients can allow or deny access to the person being scanned. Additionally, employees or frequent users can be added to the 30,000-image facial recognition database for fast facial recognition and monitoring.

What's included:

  • 8 Inch IPS Full-View LCD Display
  • Waterproof & Dustproof for Stability
  • Accurate Face Recognition in Under a Second Even When Wearing a Mask
  • Human Body Temperature Detection & Display
  • Automatic Alarm for Body Temperature Abnormality
  • Temperature Measurement Data is Exported in Real Time
  • Expansion Support for ID Card Readers, Fingerprint Readers, Two-Dimensional Code Reader, & More

Clients who use this:

HOSPITALITY – For monitoring guest’s arrival and departure temperatures

RETAIL – Ensuring employees are fit and safe to work

HR – Checking all staff entering their place of employment

HOSPITALS – Entry into buildings and/or restricted areas

FACTORY – Ensuring employees are fit and safe to work

ENTERTAINMENT VENUES – Ensuring venue visitors are healthy

GYMS – Checking clients on entry and assuring guest safety

SCHOOLS – Checking children are safe to attend classes

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