The VinVu COVID 19 Efficiency Planning Module


With the outbreak of COVID-19 the main question for companies isn’t what is happening now; it’s what’s going to happen in the future.

That is why VinVu has created an efficiency planning module that allows businesses to map out where they want to take their business in the event of another pandemic outbreak.

How it works:


VinVu will discuss with you how your business operated before COVID-19.


After understanding how your business operates, VinVu will help produce a road map for your company’s future in and out of the office and recommend how to best use the found dollars from the discovery phase.

What clients do with their found, dollars:

Entry point:

Clients have implemented VinVu’s Thermal Access Control with RFID scanning, which can trace the path of an individual who could have been infected with COVID-19.

Building Operations:

VinVu’s clients have integrated a clean-room-grade airborne IAO and HVAC monitoring system, which allows them to identify mysterious airborne particles and allow facilities to clean the infected area.


VinVu has helped companies acquire telecom platforms that utilize cloud-based systems, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams so that conferencing, communication, and productivity can take place in the office or at home through company-issued mobile devices or BOYD (bring your own device.)

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