Understand customer behavior provides innumerable opportunities to increase operational efficiency, enhance customer experiences, provide customers more of what they want, and increase the store’s overall safety and security as well. 


 Leverage powerful information that can impact how you stock shelves to identify high traffic areas, determine where to place high-margin products, store layout, staffing and more. 

With our AI+IoT Analytics, it’s possible to: 

  • Understand your store foot traffic in real-time. 
  • Break down customer behavior by segment. 
  • Outperform your competition. 
  • Provide superior customer service by reducing wait times. 
  • Improve store operational efficiency. 



 Never leave your customers waiting. Improve customer experience and satisfaction – even in the parking lot. 

Our AI+IoT solutions help you: 

  • Alert retail associates when a customer parks in bays. 
  • Decrease customer wait time. 
  • Avoid customer attrition. 
  • Measure the entire retail pick up service, to optimize pick-up and curbside operations. 



 With our connectivity solutions, you can reduce time to deployment for new locations. Leverage wireless connectivity for store operations until a wired line can be installed. 

  • Our connectivity solutions can also ensure you’re always in business: 
  • Bonded speeds leveraging multi carriers 
  • Diverse path failover services for always-on internet. 
  • Remote wireless services for Pop-Up stores and Day 1 internet. 
  • And LTE Replacement for Analog lines. 



 Protect your customers and your workers with the help of AI+IoT monitoring. Better than simple security cameras, our solutions allow you to: 

  • Decrease false alarms with the use of AI software 
  • Create alarms for predetermined actions 
  • Voice-down alerts to stop thieves or intruders in their tracks. 
  • 24/7 Remote monitoring – eliminates security guards watching video walls.



Wireless WAN as Primary Internet 

Deploy flexible wireless circuits instead of wired cable or DSL. Reduce costs and improve operational efficiency by dealing with one nationwide provider with access to diverse multi carrier connectivity. 

Curbside Pick Up 

Keep pickups moving minimize customer wait times and create a smooth and seamless customer experience. 

Pop-Up Retail and Kiosk Connectivity 

Deploy pop-up stores and Kiosks quickly with reliable, always-on 4G/5G. Multi-site, Multi- carrier solutions with a single point of contact. National coverage. 

Secure Area Monitoring 

Increase accuracy of video surveillance of critical areas in your store and on your property. Keep your customers and employees safe while protecting your investment. 

Parking Lot & Occupancy Management 

Provide accurate parking guidance to drivers arriving at your store. Automatically generate driver alerts at parking entrance when parking lots are full or provide actual number of spaces available with AI-driven technology and video monitoring. 

Queue Management & Customer Attrition 

Queue counting technology offers real-time, in-store analysis to improve visitor flow in order to reduce wait times. Reduce handling time, increase operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

People Counting & Occupancy Management 

Quantify in-store foot traffic. Monitor when your store is at maximum capacity. Identify traffic trends and analytics that can be used for improved store planning. 

License Plate Recognition (LPR) 

With LPR technology, information based on license plates can be quickly and efficiently flagged to law enforcement and investigative units for follow up. Identify stolen vehicles and capture infractions without tying up valuable man-power.

Vehicle Recognition

Detect the presence of cars and recognize their year, make, model, and the angle of vehicles. Identify blacklisted vehicles, employees or VIP customers as soon as they enter your store property.

Parking Lot Safety

Adding AI-enabled IoT cameras to your parking lot environments improves accuracy and efficiency of your security measures. Leverage the technology to create smart-parking for your customers. Plus you’ll have access to 24/7 offsite agents to address potential criminal behavior in real- time.

4G/5G Failover, Temporary, & Primary Internet

4G/5G harnesses the power of robust, ubiquitous networks to give you lightning-fast wireless Internet connectivity no matter where your stores are located.

LTE Analog Phone Replacement

Replace Analog phone lines for Fire, Elevator, Burglar Alarm, and Voice/FAX with code compliant, cellular LTE service. Reduce costs, increase efficiency with confidence in our always-on connectivity.

Customer Demographics

Bring the rigor of online shopping statistics to inside your store. Know your customer. Segment customers to understand the changing demographics and purchasing preferences.

HVAC (Air Duct Monitoring)

Keep your customers and employees comfortable and healthy. Use IoT air flow sensors to detect air flow levels through HVAC ducts and air quality sensors to detect presence of CO2 or air pollutants. 

Targeted Advertising with BLE Beacons

Beacons are low-energy transmitters that utilize Bluetooth technology to trigger targeted advertising messages within an app found on a user’s smart device. When a visitor with a Bluetooth device walks into this range, they receive a pop up alert detailing a custom message.

Temperature Screening 

Manual temperature screenings at entrances can cause bottlenecks for shoppers at store entrances and take valuable human resources to man. Take contactless thermal readings of customers and employees and facilitate building occupancy management.

Loss Prevention 

Prevent security threats and raise alerts based on early customer identification such as blacklisted vehicles entering a parking lot or people walking into a store. Improve accuracy of traditional video surveillance with AI+IoT monitoring and analytics.

Generator & Fuel Level Monitoring

Use voltage detection sensors to monitor your emergency generator’s status and fuel tank level monitors. So you know you are ready for an emergency – no guessing. 

Cold Storage Management

Use temperature sensors to monitor refrigerators and freezers to ensure optimal temperatures.

Wifi for Store hand-held and guest access

Utilizing the latest equipment, we provide the fastest speeds and highest bandwidth available on all networks.

Heat Map & Alert Associates

Increase Impulse Buys – Stock shelves more scientifically, using Heat Mapping to identify high traffic areas within your store

Alert Associates & Customer Waiting

Create alerts for associates by target store areas when customer waiting times exceed preset thresholds. Great for cashier lines, counters, returns areas, etc.