Hospital operations managers are provided with next-level functionality to keep the hospital running efficiently and effectively.


With “always on” capabilities, operations can run smoother and more seamlessly, resulting in healthcare operations managers ability to concentrate on building safer and smarter facilities. With visibility across operations, managers can bolster and enforce critical elements such as building maintenance, occupancy management, and temperature screening.


Let IntelliSite’s hardware and software be your eyes and ears, enabling you and your staff to cut down on in-house costs like additional staffing and add-on services, and spend less time on backend activities and more time on critical operations.


From insulin pumps to ventilators, all machines are the lifeblood of patient care, and thus can’t afford any downtime. Additionally, refrigerators, freezers, HVAC systems, and storage tanks need to be maintained at prescribed levels. Get real-time insights and set up alerts and thresholds to when machines may need to be repaired or replaced.


Staff and patients should feel safe and secure in your facility. Through IntelliSite’s computer vision capabilities, we monitor live feeds from cameras throughout the hospital and perimeter to flag potential security concerns to keep your facility safe.



Air flow

Measures air velocity, air temperature, humidity, and altitude(or barometric pressure) for a wide range of applications where ventilation and air temperature is critical.

Air quality monitors

Use air flow sensors to detect air flow levels.

Air velocity differential air pressure

Remotely monitor filters, systems, and components to manipulate air, contain infectious particles, and assist with proper filtration.

Asset tracking

Use RFID sensors to track critical medical equipment assets within hospital facilities.

Autoclave monitoring

Ensure functionalities for optimal sterilization.

Biohazard container monitoring

Use level sensors in containers to monitor the amount of trash and medical waste.

Cold storage management

Use temperature sensors to monitor refrigerators and freezers to ensure optimal temperatures to protect pharmaceuticals, vaccines, critical samples and reagents.

Cooling tower monitoring

Use vibration sensors to monitor blades and motor vibration.

Employee’s thermal screening and badge scanning

No-contact solution for multiple entry points, customized to in-tegrate into existing HR management systems.

Fall detection & vital sign monitoring

Innovation for advanced healthcare.

Gas pressure monitoring

Alerts If pressure falls out of a user-defined range.

Generator and fuel level monitoring

Use voltage detection sensors to monitor generator status and fuel tank level monitors.


Use air flow sensors to detect air flow levels.

Leak detection for assets protection

Prevent water damage and protect critical assets

Ocupancy management

Ensure social distancing to keep patients, staff and visitors safe.

Parking monitoring

Use video cameras for security; people and vehicle counting.

Patient Safety monitoring

Leverage technology to upgrade patient’s healthcare.

Pump monitoring

Use voltage detection sensors to monitor pump status.

Salt tank Monitoring

Management and monitoring for proper water and salt levels.

Secure area monitoring

Surveillance of critical areas and properties.

Slip & Fall detection

Protect patients, staff and visitors and avoid liabilities with video monitoring.

Thermal screening for Covid response

AI-based solution for thermal screening.

Video security monitoring

Use video to ensure safety and security.

Waste container/ Bin monitoring

Use level sensors in containers to monitor the amount of trash.

Water leak monitoring

Prevent water damage, monitoring strategic locations throughout the building.

Water/ Air filter monitoring

Use pressure sensors to ensure proper water flow. Determine the health of air filters by monitoring pressure drops in the systems.