Network and WiFi


Managed WiFi solution enables a multi-family property to deploy one physical network to provide internet connectivity for residents, common areas, and IoT devices.

Spot On Networks provides turnkey managed WiFi solutions to multi-family housing properties. Our managed WiFi enables internet connectivity throughout your properties for resident use, common area requirements, back-office requirements, WiFi calling property-wide, and property IoT device connectivity. We handle the complexity of network design, equipment, installation, and ongoing support for residents. Spot On Networks modernizes multi-family housing properties to support residential connectivity requirements and enable smart property solutions to be deployed.

Features & Benefits


Internet Connectivity – Residents and staff have immediate access to the internet upon move-in.

IoT connectivity – Connect in property IoT devices using the WiFi or underlying network infrastructure.

Security – Separate internet traffic types and users with secure VLANs + UserSafe technology.

Voice – WiFi calling is enabled property-wide to remedy any cellular voice issues on a property.

Billing – Billing software to charge residents for internet services or integrate into your Property Management Software.


Fully Managed WiFi deployment- Spot On Networks handles everything from design through installation to ongoing resident support on behalf of the property.

Increased Rents- WiFi for residents and common areas increases the value of your property and the rents you can charge.

Improved NOI-Revenue share models enable a property to turn their WiFi investment into a substantial ROI.

Network Infrastructure- Consolidate a property’s network infrastructure from various IoT deployments onto one managed network.

How It Works

One-Time Fee

Includes planning, design, implementation, testing, certification, equipment, provisioning, labor

• One-Time Fee of fifty (50%) paid 30 days after the Contract Effective Date

• Receive all AP Mapping, cabling and SoW

• Require twenty-five percent (25%) before equipment ordered

• Remaining twenty five percent (25%) shall be paid upon installation, testing, certification, cutover and training

• Can roll the monthly fee $550 x 60 months into the One-Time Fee

About Spot On Networks

• Spot On Networks began as a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) in 2005.

• Spot On Networks now provides a suite of wireless services to ensure that building owners remain competitive and provide their residents, tenants, and staff with essential wireless services, including:

  • Wi-Fi data.
  • Wi-Fi calling.
  • In-building cellular booster systems.
  • In-building public safety radio coverage for first responders.

• SON currently has deployed over 1,000 MDU/ MTU networks across the country that support various wireless add-ons, including resident broadband services, amenity services, energy management, patient tracking, security and surveillance, equipment monitoring, staff services, and more. SON in-building wireless solutions include UserSafe   Wi-Fi, Cel-Fi, RadioBoost , and WiFiPlus

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