Network and WiFi

Cabling and Network Installation

Get the best in structured Voice and Data cabling and applications. We can assist with expansions, retrofits, and new buildouts utilizing standard and custom cabling including Cat 5, Cat 6 and above, copper and coaxial.

  • Copper and Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Site Design
  • IP Cabling Design
  • Server Room Cabling
  • Overhead Music, Paging and Music-on-hold
  • CCTV Cabling
  • Wireless Infrastructure Cabling
  • T1 Frame Extensions
  • Patch Panel, Ladder Rack and Wire Management
  • Communication Room Cabling
  • Large Pair Counts, Testing and Certification
  • Tone, Tag and Wire Mapping

Internet and Data:

Data solutions for buildings should be safe, secure and reliable. That’s why we deliver through a host of connectivity and managed services engineered to support the data needs of any size organization. Our Network Operations Center is also available 24/7 to help maximize uptime and efficiency.

Internet & Data solutions:

  • Dedicated Internet/Ethernet: A high-speed, high- performance solution with broadband flexibility.
  • MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching): provides you with a secure private network and bandwidth flexibility.
  • Cable/DSL Broadband: Cost-effective, high-speed Internet access for SMBs via cable and digital subscriber line (DSL).
  • Private Line: A dedicated point-to-point circuit for voice and data transmissions
  • Integrated Access: Voice and Internet offered over a single T1 line to improve efficiency.
  • 4G Failover: A simple and reliable high-speed connection providing serviceable internet access to areas with limited broadband availability.
  • WiMax: Reliable high-speed Internet without the added costs of installation or equipment.
  • Managed CPE: Leave the maintenance to us with Managed Customer-Premises Equipment (CPE) for Dedicated Internet Access or Private Line Access.
  • PowerConnect®: Private SIP connectivity for business security.

WiFi Systems

Our expert engineering team will design your custom network for maximum efficiency and power, and quick turnaround on installation to ensure you have the technology and resources in place to up your organization’s Wi-Fi game.


Custom Design Networks:

  • 4x the range of a basic wireless network
  • Secure connection to all devices
  • Unmatched & robust security
  • Reliable, High-performing network
  • Valuable analytic software available
  • Support for IP-based video and voice streaming

Beyond Wi-Fi

A location-based analytics software integration with our Wi-Fi solution to help organizations in any vertical increase their ROI of their investment.


Beyond Wi-Fi offers:

  • User Demographics (age, gender, etc.)
  • Users’ social interests
  • User location & movement with the network area
  • Location based footfall & heat mapping of venue network
  • Devices, operating systems, and browsers used
  • Data usage and time spent on network
  • And more!