EV Charging Stations

Boost customer engagement at your site by leveraging EV charging stations from VinVu.

In a matter of years, electric vehicles are projected to make up 50% of all U.S. auto sales, with drivers now fast-charging at shopping centers, workplaces, restaurants, and recreational venues. With this rapid shift towards electric mobility, it has become increasingly crucial to future-proof your site for the inevitable surge in electric vehicle adoption.

VinVu can help you stay ahead of the curve by providing innovative solutions that not only cater to the growing demand for electric vehicle infrastructure but also enhance the appeal and functionality of your establishment for the eco-conscious consumer base of the future.

Why VinVu?

When you choose VinVu for EV charging, you’re supporting a women-owned business leading the charge in the EV industry.

We offer a complete turnkey solution, covering everything from recycling to procurement, installation, and ongoing maintenance, with a financial component that makes it easy for site hosts to provide EV charging at their locations.

Streamlined Turnkey Fast Charging:

Hassle-Free Setup, Minimal to No Upfront Costs, and On-Going Premium Customer Care

At VinVu, we manage every aspect of your EV charging station project seamlessly. From the initial site survey to construction planning, equipment recommendation, permitting, and exploring financial incentives, we handle it all. Our turnkey approach ensures a hassle-free process, allowing you to focus on the benefits of your newly installed EV charging station.