Energy Auctions

Energize Your Bottom Line

VinVu has partnered with Transparent Energy (TE), an energy management services firm that brings together the processes, expertise, and technologies to take the complexity out of energy management and turn it into bottom-line savings for the businesses, organizations, and governments we serve.

To date, we have transacted more than $3.5 billion in energy products on behalf of our customers, creating more than $250 million in value for them.

Using our proprietary software for transacting electricity, natural gas, and green power, TE helps customers lower their total energy spend by leveraging a superior process and utilizing best-in-class planning.


Process Expertise & Technology

Our mission is to simplify the complicated energy procurement process, acting as an advisor for our customers to reach their energy goals at the lowest available costs.

We use a proprietary platform for energy procurement auctions. These web-based, real-time events create a hyper-competitive environment and increase efficiencies in bidding, price discovery, contracting, and auditing that traditional paper-based procurement auctions cannot match.

TE’s auction technology is backed by the people and expertise needed to run successful pricing events/auctions. TE’s staff are experts in their respective markets, offering customers market insights, RFP development, and centralized communications with suppliers.

Client List

Procurement Process

  • Transparent, holistic, and auditable transactional platform that ensures our customers secure the most competitive pricing available at the time.
  • Customization –We test multiple term lengths (12/24/36 months) and a combination of product types to meet our customers energy needs.
  • Hyper-competition squeezes supplier margins to bare minimum, putting operational costs back into our customers’ budgets
  • Risk free -if you aren’t satisfied, you aren’t obligated to transact

Procurement Statistics

  • 3.5+ Billion USD in energy supply spend
  • transacted via online platform
  • 250+ Million USD budget reductions
  • 20+ TWh power procured | 500+ Million Dth of gas
  • 7+ Million RECs procured