Three Strikes You’re Out!

Three Strikes You’re Out!

Well folks, there you have it. Fourteen players from the Miami Marlins tested positive for COVID-19 causing a screeching halt to baseball. As we see sports like baseball re-evaluate their entry into the real world and an increase in rules and regulations, the question always asked is “What’s next?”

No matter what your thoughts are regarding this virus, the fact is we are continuing to pivot in how we enter back into life. For the everyday business owner that means bigger talks of how to keep productivity moving while riding the COVID seas.

Over the course of the past months we have seen a huge shift into this “new normal” as everyone calls it now. Although we hate saying the phase “new normal” since there is nothing normal about it, there is something “new” about the work habits of owners and employees.

More companies are now seeking solutions such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom to make their company more virtual. As telecom investors, we have incorporated our Telecom Today Model for many companies helping them capitalize on this “new normal” (yuck, I still hate saying it!)

Here are some notes as to why our clients are using Microsoft Teams or Zoom to reinvent their company’s work habits:

  • Companies can reduce other communication software and hardware solutions. Companies reported reduced web conferencing, long-distance, mobile phone, and on-premises telephony solutions costs by switching to something like Microsoft Teams or Zoom.
  • Online meetings replace overnight trips and reduce drive time by moving to a unified experience.
  • Sharing Information: Workers are better able to share information and find resources to complete their jobs and collaborate with team members.
  • Decision makers improve time-to-decision by 17.7%. Having information and resources readily available via the online shared workspace and being able to confer with their peers more efficiently enables executives and key decision makers to make decisions faster.
  • Improved worker satisfaction, integration, and empowerment reduce attrition rates. The attrition rate for workers decreases from 11.8% to 11.4. Additionally, Teams and Zoom reduces the time to train and onboard all new hires. Together, these metrics reduce the cost of hiring and onboarding new employee
  • Less time is spent switching between applications each day. Information workers save 15 minutes per day and workers 5 minutes per day by having features and information sources available, rather than switching between apps. Time savings cover the mechanics of switching and cognitive re-engagement.
  • Shorter meetings taking place of longer meetings – 22% more of the former (30 minutes or less) and 11% fewer of the latter (greater than 1 hour).
  • One-On-One meetings increased by 18% with 10% increase on employee check-ins.

Overall the outcome of this “new normal” isn’t horrible. Since there will be multiple waves of COVID and who knows what to come, establishing your business for in the office and at home is the best planning you can do for yourself and your employees.

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