Real Estate Development company

Real Estate Development company


The multinational Real Estate Development company, focuses on urban revitalization through specializing in acquisition, redevelopment, and management of commercial real estate assets.


  • Find an inexpensive and in obtrusive way to centralize EastBanc’s Building Management
  • Cost efficient wireless control system for older infrastructures
  • Minimize tenant disruption during installation


Senseware’s Smart Building Solution was implemented in many of EastBanc’s DC sites. Sensors were installed in current transformer monitors and was up and running within a week. The client could continuously watch consumption and remotely control and monitor equipment.


Eastbanc used Senseware to enable remote management at a fraction of the cost of a traditional BMS or wired retrofit, all without disrupting tenants. As a result, engineers have improved tenant service and swiftly identified equipment inefficiencies.

“As a labor-saving device, Senseware has freed us up to do more things we otherwise wouldn’t have time to do.”

Joe Widmayer | Director of Engineering