The Math

Telecom is an unregulated industry with many intricacies.

What this means for you is that there are fees and charges you might not know you are accruing.

At VinVu, we help you with the math and show you what is hitting your bottom line.

Typically, 70% of our savings are derived from unpublished rates, leveraging unique rate structures, and utilizing promotional discounts which the providers do not openly share in the marketplace.

We will show you how to not only save dollars but procure smarter.

Like any great agent that represents their client, our job is to help create leverage, lower cost, and not be self-serving.

The Stuff

With our team’s extensive knowledge, we help our clients in all aspects of their telecom needs.


With our team’s extensive knowledge of SD-WAN, Connectivity, Managed Wi-Fi, Security, Remediation and more we can help clients gain the right service for their project.


Our Unified Communications teams can help give clients flexible and streamlined cloud-based phone and messaging solutions.


VinVu’s portfolio of experts are here to help clients design solutions that will focus on being compliant and keeping assets safe.


Our team of experts will assist with quotes, coverage checks, orders, and customizable projects and solutions that cover the mobility spectrum it today’s marketplace.


Our team of engineers are ready to design solutions of any scale.


With years of experience, our dedicated teams will help you navigate through the AT&T and Verizon landscape and help with service, escalation and order management.

Our overall objectives are simple. We want to help clients lower their telecom spend by finding better rates and services with carriers, drive unexpected additional savings, show clients how to leverage the master community, and give them the tools to maintain their processes.

The Support


Why sit on hold for hours with the carrier to resolve billing errors, let us handle that for you.

Trouble Tickets

Let us handle & escalate your trouble tickets to get issues resolved quickly.

MAC Assistance

Your account manager will process moves, adds, and changes on your behalf.

The Process

We are here with you from the start and beyond…

  1. Review

    The journey we take our clients on begins with reviewing current bills and contracts.

  2. Build

    We build a case that includes design, cost savings and identify potential carriers to leverage.

  3. Introduce

    We then introduce the appropriate master team so that the client can build out their vision.

  4. Implement

    Once we have our team and infrastructure built, we begin procurement and implementation.

  5. On-Going

    We will proactively contact  you to renew contracts, ensure processes are working and solve issues beyond just implementation.

VinVu Safe Connects builds next-gen solutions to meet tomorrow’s challenges

We work help future-proof buildings as a means of lowering costs, protecting assets and reducing and mitigating risk of damage.


Our Give Back

VinVu strives to find ways to give back. That is why we created our charitable giving arm, The VinVu Foundation.

With our love of Veterans and First Responders and their thanks to the hospital systems that service the community, The VinVu Foundation’s mission is to make a difference in the lives of people in the areas of heroes and health.