Vin Who?

With a combined 20 years of experience from former marketing and technology CEO’s, VinVu is a revolutionary cost savings firm that is dedicated to repurposing technology commission dollars back to the client to fuel and drive growth.

Vin How?

Do you know  how the world of Telecom works?

Most people have no idea how the world of Telecom works. At VinVu, we open the curtains and show you where dollars are allocated and how you can best use them for your organization.

Vin You!

We know that there is a shelf life to consultants. That is why at VinVu we become apart of your business. We learn all aspects of your operations and internal structure to better help your C-Level Executives think of ideas to help enhance business.


Tip Of The Spear
In the modern business environment, technology is not just a tool to aid specific tasks; it is the core of any enterprise; driving innovation and empowering new ideas and defining brand image.


Increase Brand Image
How end users view our clients is critical for repeat business. We help clients enhance their communication to their end users by ensuring that the right technology is in place.


Maximize Time
Clients make new technology decisions on an on-going basis. For every hour their team spends, we will give 75% back in a quicker more rounded decision, allowing them to save time and allocate that time to other profitable aspects of the business.


Decrease Spend
We understand cost structure, business process, and use of technology. We find immediate, practical recommendations benchmarking 18% of technology spend given back in the form of savings. For every dollar saved, customers gain 6 to 10 times back in revenue.

I Want To Be VinVued!