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Find out what the latest “hot” things are in connectivity, mobile devices, smart buildings, thermal access control, and more!

It's All About The Math

Telecom is an unregulated industry with many intricacies.

What this means for you is that there are fees and charges you might not know you are accruing.

At VinVu, we help you with the math and show you what is hitting your bottom line.

Typically, 70% of our savings are derived from unpublished rates, leveraging unique rate structures, and utilizing promotional discounts which the providers do not openly share in the marketplace.

We will show you how to not only save dollars but procure smarter.

Like any great agent that represents their client, our job is to help create leverage, lower cost, and not be self-serving.

What Can I Do With My Leverage?


Clients have procured additional phones, internet, cloud-based services, as well as increased mobile capabilities using their VinVu found dollars.


Creating a safe working environment is essential to businesses. With VinVu found dollars clients have installed sensors to monitor events that can occur in their building, eventually mitigating risk.


The world has changes dramatically and entry into buildings or enclosed areas are in need of high security physically and biologically. VinVu's found dollars has helped clients gain access to thermal entry readers helping businesses protect their workers from biological risk.

How Do I Start?

Our overall objectives are simple. We want to help clients lower their telecom spend by finding better rates and services with carriers, drive unexpected additional savings, show clients how to leverage the master community, and give them the tools to maintain their processes.

  1. Review

    The journey we take our clients on begins with reviewing current bills and contracts.

  2. Build

    We build a case that includes design, cost savings and identify potential carriers to leverage.

  3. Introduce

    We then introduce the appropriate master team so that the client can build out their vision.

  4. Implement

    Once we have our team and infrastructure built, we begin procurement and implementation.

What Have Others Done?

See examples of what we have done with our clients with telecom and smart building capabilities.

Phone System

Smart Buildings


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